Finding that Middle Ground in the Cryptocurrency Space

You have seen loads of articles, reports, videos, heard arguments from opponents and proponents of cryptocurrency. Search for the beginnings of cryptocurrency and the words – pizza, 1998, Satoshi and more will appear. Cryptocurrency is not a bubble, it is a bubble, it has no real value, there is real value…so on so forth. These are just some things that can bore the shit out of even the most hardcore crypto fans. Even we at get sick of it sometimes, to the point we don’t understand why we are even writing this piece of article. 

What is the point of this article?

Let us take a step-back from all the bickering and agree on something – let us celebrate the human mind. The human mind is so innovative that it can be both fascinating and daunting simultaneously. Ideas so inconceivable just decades ago becoming a reality today is something to marvel at and fear. We celebrate how wishful thinking (bitcoin & its predecessors) actually became a reality. 

Humans have been yearning to reach for the stars since the beginning of time. To think how far we have come is an art we all take for granted, in today’s busy life. You might think, what has crypto has to do with this? Crypto has everything to do with it since humans wished upon the stars. Crypto is the way forward – proponents will suggest. Opponents will warn it is a bubble – one word we try abstaining from. One can say neither is right or wrong. Think cash, think bonds, think stocks. Google beginnings of money and you may get it.

For those who cannot understand, it is fine. For those that argue money is different from crypto, you probably need to chill and embrace alternative perspectives from a macro level. 

Cryptocurrency was conceived out of a belief, we believe, that skewed towards wishful thinking. Although the group or person had a real vision, it was surely wishful thinking for it to grow to what it is today – at that time. This wishful thinking, through elements of factors combining on a cosmic scale so impossible to explain, became a reality. It is a feat worthy to be marveled at. At time of writing, we are still marveling at how bitcoin can reach $30k USD.  

Yes, we know what you are thinking. This is not all wishful thinking, this is something that is valuable, intricate enough to convince a handful of the world’s population to adopt it and expand on the idea. Skeptics and those who disagree with us even without reading the article will start to bombard us with loads of politically sounding reasons on the mechanism behind cryptonism.

This behaviour is part of the cosmic elements of factors that make us appreciate how one’s beliefs can trigger raw emotions – another indicator of the brilliance of the human mind. Cryptocurrency belief is triggered by different behaviour traits exhibited by groups of people on opposing sides of it. Ironically, the disagreement is one the reason why it has intricate value. 

Think about it – if something is not worth fighting for, it will become a norm and people will take it for granted. This is the human mind. An example (applicable only to those who are privileged of having access to clean water):

Water now is considerably cheap and you have access to it readily. People don’t fight over it (developed countries), meaning it is taken for granted, you think nothing of it or give serious thoughts, there is not much debate, the price of water is stable, everything is smooth. 

Imagine one day waking up and there is no water supply. Only those who live near the source or have access to it controls it. Fight will break out, the issue of authority over water becomes debatable and contested, the value of water becomes volatile, price increases. “

Though the commodities are different, the principle behind it remains. 

During the boom of the major crypto exchanges, we had the privilege to attend Huobi seminars and Binance seminars across various countries. What we took away was indelible imprints of the attendees’ belief in crypto and blockchain applications.There is nothing negative about us mentioning this. If these groups of people didn’t exist, Binance would not have become what they are today. Likewise for cryptocurrency, if no one or too little people believe in it, the project would still be wishful thinking for the little who believes in it. 

Cryptocurrency has value today as the direct result groupthink. The collective power of the human mind. Money has no value. Humans had no real need for money. It took time, thousands of years, the brilliance of the human mind, innovation and hope that brought us where we are today. 

We are hoping, you should be too, that we are not in the same position as we are exploring the cosmos – born too late to explore money alternatives, born too early to reap the benefits. Everything man-made is a bubble, everything man-made has intricate value. If the crypto community only has only one agenda – to achieve high “value” without doing more, it will only have 2 outcomes. Death of crypto by Government intervention / fading off like stars or our generation who pioneered this movement won’t live long enough to know what lies ahead. 

This article is targeted at retail investors like the majority of you (and us). We are just players in this complicated game. We don’t value add. We do not input any valuable data except for debating, speculating and perhaps investing. You and I, are just thinking wishfully that our investment in cryptocurrencies pays off. Whether it happens or not, there is a possibility. 

When our wishful thinking meets reality (where it has already happened and is happening), a wonderful byproduct is born – hope. The very core powering the human minds since our inception.  

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