Here’s a confession by an ordinary moonboy who actually, did mooned

The following article was contributed by a newly minted crypto millionaire who got her fortune purely out of it. Loaded with sarcasm and personal opinion, this contributor is humble bragging about her cryptocurrency portfolio growth. Please read this with a pinch of salt.This article was specifically requested by the reader and asked if she could share her personal opinion. Certain phases and words have been paraphrased. 

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Contributor Note:
This post is dedicated to the people disbelieving in cryptocurrencies. We celebrate the good, the spiteful, the respectful, the hurtful, optimist & pessimist, the blissfully unaware, and basically anyone who have heard of cryptocurrency. We are here today to celebrate your input into the community.

Dear Crypto Skeptics, 

Thank you for your inputs, suggestions, opinions about cryptocurrencies. Because of you, we have heard “I told you so” umpteen times. We know deep down, the majority of you secretly hope that those who invest in cryptocurrency won’t succeed. We understand that. We get it. Your fear of missing out, regretting that you didn’t invest initially and out of jealousy that the people you once flog will make you feel this way. Although you may wish people to succeed, it is in human nature to want other people not to exceed you.

We need you still though. Whether you might change your mind in the future and join us, we still need you. You see, your expert critical analysts, opinions and suggestions are what keeps conversation going. Imagine if you all do not exist and we, the crypto investors just chat among ourselves, we will get into a hella of a group-think – which can be detrimental and unhealthy. Your skepticism is actually our fuel that keeps the flame going. 

As we welcome the new year 2021 in somewhat odd fashion, we want you to know that the majority of crypto investors have no qualms to do what we usually do. If you decide to ever one day join this bandwagon, we welcome you. If you decide to stay away from this, we also welcome it. If you ever decide to continue what you have been doing and criticize us, we too will embrace it. Our activities will continue to forge ahead.

You may think that I am humble bragging. Indeed I am, it is the only time I can share with you the growth of my cryptocurrency portfolio. Thank you, if it wasn’t for you, my life may not be the same. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best Regards,
Newly minted Cryptic Crypto Millionaire

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