Get Ready for Decentraland this Feb 20

Get Ready for Decentraland  this Feb 20

Decentraland, a virtual world platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain, will be officially launched to the public on February 20, according to an official announcement from the project.

The project team noted that the Decentraland launch date would feature the official rollout of its metaverse, which would be made available to the general public.

Notably, the launch would accompany the establishment of the Decentraland DAO, designed to ensure the full decentralization of the platform, thus boosting communications between users and how contents are shared on the platform.

As per the announcement, the platform has been in development for over two years and has received significant contributions from the Decentraland community. 

Once Decentraland open its gate to the public, modification to the software rules and the economics of MANA, curating of LAND contents, upgrading of the LAND smart contract unilaterally will no longer be conducted by a single agent.

In addition, users will no longer be restricted from gaining access to the platform, among other decentralization features, Decentraland stated.  

To celebrate the launch, Decentraland also announced a “gigantic” in-world treasure hunt for users to find collectible NFTs from a host of “cool crypto partners.”  The treasure hunt is a four days event. It is scheduled to take place in Genesis City, the first metropolis in Decentraland.  

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that allows users to create, experience, discover, and monetize 3D contents and applications. Before the announcement of the Decentraland launch date, the platform had succeeded in conducting several initiatives for few members of the cryptocurrency community in the past. 

Similarly in August 2019, the project released a drag and drop builder for its users, giving away $55,000 USD in MANA and virtual LAND prizes for creator contest. At the time of writing, the MANA token is trading at $0.05, according to data on CMC.