Blockchain Demystified with Chainlink & Web3: Future of DeFi and Smart Contract

Decentralized Finance (or DeFi) is an emerging category of financial applications that are being developed on top of trustless networks.

Smart contracts promise a powerful new way of doing business. Yet in the noise of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, the power of these self-executing contracts pre-programmed into blockchains is sometimes overlooked or altogether misunderstood.

Similar to how the Internet revolutionized the way people process information and connect with one another, smart contracts can fundamentally change the way societies make and keep agreements among individuals and groups.

—– Meetup Agenda

Join us at SMU Admin Building for an evening focused on smart contracts and decentralised finance.

You will:

– Learn what is a smart contract

– Learn how will smart contracts revolutionized our future economy

– Learn how oracles will connect smart contracts to the real world for production/live use cases.

– Learn what DeFi means and why it matters.

– Discover popular financial applications on Ethereum.

– Deep-dive into the concepts behind decentralized lending.

– Experience a live demo of DeFi lending and borrowing.

—– About the Speakers

Yos is a software engineer experienced in writing smart contracts and building decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. He is passionate about decentralized technologies and started Web3 Singapore to build a community for developers in the space.

Adriel is the Chainlink Advocate for Singapore. He is passionate about blockchain technology in particularly smart contracts and how they can transform the future economy.


Chainlink is the leading blockchain middleware company for smart contracts to connect to real-world data. Chainlink is building decentralized oracle technology to create externally linked smart contracts used by leading enterprises, such as SWIFT and Google, and top smart contract teams including Web3 Foundation, Zeppelin, Hadera, Celer, OpenLaw, MARKET Protocol, Kaleido, and many others.

Web3 Singapore is a community of developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts looking to explore and expand their knowledge in decentralized technologies. We meet regularly to discuss ÐApp development, token engineering, protocol design, decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptoeconomics, and more.

—– Schedule

6.30pm: Doors open. Food and drinks will be available

7.00pm: Start of session, opening address by hosts

7.05pm: Presentation of smart contracts and oracles (Adriel)

7.50pm: Presentation of decentralised finance (Yos Riady)

9.00pm: End of presentations. Networking

—– Sponsors

Thank you to SMU blockchain club for hosting the event and Chainlink for sponsoring the refreshments.


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