What is DIFY?

Some call us D.I.F.Y and others call us Deefy.

One name, so many possibilities. And this is what we seek to achieve with every project we take on – to craft creative ideas and making them into realities for you and your company.

The companies we service are within the field of Technology; Blockchain, E-commerce, Gaming and Financial Technology. While we want to be a jack of all trades, we believe becoming a master of one (a.k.a. rocking in one niche specialisation) gathers our best concentrated effort for our clients – you.

More than just a creative agency, we are your go-to team to get people talking about you and your company. We advise and execute your Public Relations, Digital Solutions and Activations needs so tell us what you want done and we will do it for you, actively trying to dify all limits.

DIFY is not just a regular PR & Marketing company; we are one that specialises in Tech companies because we want to make technology seem much more accessible and understandable to the public. We understand what works best, and we help our clients achieve their best.

Business Types 公司類別

  • Advisories
  • Marketing/PR

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