The founders of Startup-O were deeply entrenched in the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia for the past 5+ years in various roles as investors, mentors and scaling startups across markets respectively.

They realised that this evolving startup ecosystem is bountiful with many alternatives but remains inefficient for both startup founders and angel investors alike. Startup founders invest bulk of their time going from demo day to demo day, getting distracted from building their core business, while investors make decisions based on feelings and random recommendations, burning 90% of their hard-earned money in early stage investing.

The idea of a platform that brings data, transparency and a non-biased approach to early stage investing evolved, supported by tons of learnings from community of entrepreneurs, experts and investors.

Startup-O combines the art of assessment by global experts with the science of decision-making algorithms to discover and enable the most promising startups, while building a well-curated and diversified portfolio for the investors in the fund.

Business Types 公司類別

  • Advisories
  • Investment

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Sultan Link, 57 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-05, Singapore 238997