In 2011 Marek “Slush” Palatinus and Pavol “Stick” Rusnak met at BRMLAB for the first time. Hacks and thefts were widespread in the early days of Bitcoin, and the need for secure and intuitive Bitcoin storage was rising with every new user entering the ecosystem. Marek and Pavol were later joined by Alena Vranova, and an idea to create a safe offline environment to isolate private keys was born.
The first prototypes of the first hardware wallet ever were created in 2012. They were very minimalistic and unpolished but functional, proving that the original idea can be brought to life.
In 2013 SatoshiLabs was established. Just a year after, the world’s first Trezor hardware wallets were shipped; selling for 1 Bitcoin each. For the first time, there was an affordable and easy-to-use device that stored private keys in a cold environment. Trezor One, as the only hardware wallet in the world back then, paved the road for the new hardware wallet industry.
In 2016 SatoshiLabs introduced the first prototype of the next-generation hardware wallet – Trezor Model T. The mass production shortly after and first devices were shipped in 2018.
With constant innovations and regular firmware releases improving security and usability, we are on a mission of growing Bitcoin ecosystem, by creating devices that enable the public to use and store Bitcoin in a secure, yet simple way.

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SatoshiLabs s.r.o. Kundratka 2359/17a 180 00 Prague 8 Czech Republic