Nevada Congress hopeful – Lisa Sutton talks about openness with a Crypto conversation with Trump

Nevada Congress hopeful – Lisa Sutton talks about openness with a Crypto conversation with Trump

United States President, Donald Trump took to Twitter last year to air his opinion about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, specifically noting that he is “not” a fan of these emerging assets since they can facilitate money laundering.

While crypto industry leaders reacted to the Presidential tweet from different perspectives, there is still a possibility that the national leader has little to no idea about how cryptocurrencies or the underlying blockchain technology works.

In this respect, Lisa Song Sutton, a candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, relishes the opportunity to discuss pertaining to crypto and blockchain technology, if she secures victory at the polls.

Lisa revealed her thoughts in a new interview with Thinking Crypto saying she would welcome the opportunity to enlighten the President about the crypto industry and how it affects modern businesses.

I would love the chance to sit down with the President and have a conversation around blockchain and cryptocurrency, how especially for people like myself who are under-40 as business owners, what it looks like in modern business,”

Lisa Sutton said in a Youtube Interview

Additionally, Lisa Sutton spoke about the current level of knowledge that most lawmakers have about digital assets, a loophole that was made apparent during the Facebook Libra Congress hearing last year. 

While advocating for regulators to spend more time evaluating the potential of the emerging industry to create a massive impact, she mentioned that such really unique technologies not only need to be explored but also advocated “for usage to the American business owner and everyday Americans.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Sutton, who is the former Miss Nevada, confirmed that she is “very bullish” about cryptocurrencies and has evidently shown this by running a business that accepts crypto, investing in a fund that pilots the installation of Bitcoin ATMs, and now could potentially push for policies that will benefit the industry.