Zilliqa Launches New Tool That Rewards Users With $ZIL For Tweeting About Zilliqa

Zilliqa Launches New Tool That Rewards Users With $ZIL For Tweeting About Zilliqa

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts on Twitter now have a new way to earn rewards for their engagements, after Zilliqa announced today a new tool that pays out $ZIL tokens as rewards for tweets made about the project.

Earn $Zil for promoting Zilliqa

Dubbed SocialPay, the new tool compensates users for sharing announcements from the official Zilliqa Twitter handle, and the payouts depend on the hashtag and campaign the project is running.

The blockchain project is launching the new tool with a 500,000 $Zil ($3,500) prize rewards for participants of the pilot promotion campaign.

Users are required to register on the SocialPay platform, and then connect their Twitter accounts and ZIL addresses to receive their rewards for promoting Zilliqa.

After the registration, participants can tweet as they want with the main focus being about Zilliqa. Then copy and paste the tweet on the SocialPay platform. Once it is verified, the tweet must have at least five likes for the participant to be rewarded.

In addition to the earnings process, there are other requirements to be able to earn ZILs. The tweet that should be shared must be featuring the hashtags #Zilliqa. If the tweets get five or more likes, 25 ZIL will be paid for each tweet. This reward will be deposited into the Zilliqa address that was linked to the SocialPay platform.

The maximum reward pool of 500,000 ZIL, which is worth US$3,500 will spread across three days, and the campaign is scheduled to start on the 11th of May 2020.

Zilliqa 2.0 already in the works

Will Zilliqa is focused on promoting its project with this new tool, Hegion reported last month that plans for the next version of the Zilliqa mainnet are already in progress. The project teased that it is working towards rolling out a staking platform, which is currently in its testing phase.

This article originally appeared on Coinfomania.

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